23 September 2014


I've been itching to blog.
itching to craft.
itching to share.

So, here I am. back again.  Thinking I may need to rethink how i blog. why i blog and who i blog for.
I need to figure out a few things with blogging and crafting and why i do them.
and instead of wasting time and journaling about these things while my blog sits lonely and bored, i should just share my thoughts with you.
because you probably go through this process yourself from time to time.  and you probably can relate, in one form or another.  or so i would think.

so here i sit.  with thoughts and ideas all around me.
and craft supplies.
stampin' up! and project life.
and technology...

now to merge them in some way.
while i raise two teenagers and work two jobs and be a good wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.
and did i mention my teens are now home schooled...
so needless to say, i am busy.
but so are you.
and we are all sharing the same amount of hours in the day.
and some of my favorite blogs are folks who seem to have more on their plate than i do...
ahem... erica cerwin at pink buckaroo.  she has three (count them...3) little girls, is a full time teacher and manages to have an awesome blog and stampin up business.
so i have no excuse.

today i begin again.

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