28 November 2011


so...i laugh when i look back and see how
  l  o  n  g
it has been since i
posted on a regular basis.

i have three reasons for the
of lousgoods.com:
1.  felicity (tv series from 99-02) is now on netflix.
2.  children's needs
3.  i am researching/studying to

remember when i went to that church conference
in Jackson Hole?
while i was there is had some
amazing and clear affirmation
that i could not ignore
the call on my life
i am going back to school.
i am going to go to seminary.
i am going to also get my MSW.
i am going to be a spiritual therapist.

that alone will take most of my time,
starting in the fall...
and my kids need me until then.

the interesting thing
is that the only emotion i feel
about not blogging
is missing the talking on the blog...
missing sharing my feelings...
missing writing...

so. i am into blogging
but not so worried about missing
out on putting my art out there.
my cards.
my crafts.
my side love.

but now i see it.
it is my side love,
not my main love.

and so now i am on the path...
...to discover...
what my main love is.

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