27 October 2011


are you wondering where i have been?
can you hear me?
do you not care?
or are you just not listening?

sorry... kind of an inside joke!!

i am so sorry i have not been on here.
i have been having all kinds of fun
a d v e n t u r e s
all over the planet!!

first i was in Jackson Hole Wyoming for 5 days for a church leadership conference.
it was

one side of the street in the Town Square... a block from our hotel.

the view i saw from the road...
except i was driving.
and couldn't really snap a great shot.
plus it was snowing.
all the way there.
all the way back.

i got photos from online to show you what i saw.

then i went to
l o s   a n g e l e s
for 6 days with an
group of gals.
for my precious friend leith's 40th bday.

this is leith...

and on the sad note of leith's family's story...
we had JOY.
crazy, fun, laughing...
giggling, walking, eating...
drinking wine, shopping, laughing...

it was fantastic.
i will post photos of the celebrities i saw tomorrow or saturday.

loved it.
love my new bff's from the trip.

thank you leithy for making your birthday so special for all of us.

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