26 September 2011

ok, i'll try it...

who is one of my 
has challenged me...

i had a perfectly 
neat and tidy
post with some photos 
of a card
all planned out.

but, thanks to her,
i will blog from my heart today...

1. i just returned from the Yoga Conference in Estes Park.  this is the 5th time i have attended i believe. i always go with the anticipation that it will forever change me and make doing a daily yoga practice easy.  meaning, that i will WANT to get on the mat everyday and not feel like i am forcing myself as i do with all exercise.  once again, i loved it but can say that i realized, and i mean really realized, that it will always take some effort on my part to get my butt on the yoga mat.

2. i arrived home to a sense of 'goofiness' in the air around my family.  they were all acting a little cutesy and overly excited to see me.  i have to admit, i really liked it and didn't think much about it other then enjoying the fact they were so 'into' me.  little did i know that the 3 of them had a BIG surprise planned.  just as we sat down to dinner they all started into an argument and suddenly i turned around to rusty on ONE KNEE... 
yes, one knee,
just as if he was proposing all over again!!
and sure enough, he started telling me how much he loved me and how we had come a long way since his proposal 17 years ago.  he starts tearing up talking about all the good times and all the bad, about our two beautiful kids (who are piping in comments, i might add!) and how he wants to keep on doing it all... he then asks me if i will 'continue on' with him, by accepting a new wedding ring and a new engagement setting, complete with my diamond mounted in it!!!

i was speechless.

and crying.

and completely surprised and overwhelmed.  he had gone and chosen a platinum setting because in the last 16 years since our wedding i have really beaten up my ring.  it was bent and dented and just all around abused.  the sautering of the wedding and engagement rings had even come apart!!! i know, i am tough i guess.  and... we had always talked about 'redoing' it on our 15th wedding anniversary.  well, if you remember i had a hysterectomy a few days before it, so it skipped on by.
well,  not that it even matters now. because last night was truly magical.  after saying, 'of course', as i did the first time, we hugged, cried and all kissed, kids included.  

how much more can i blog about now?

how much more can i be grateful for in my life?

how much more can i appreciate?

how much more loved can i feel?

i am still overwhelmed.

and can't stop looking at my finger...

i'm blown away.


  1. Oh my Lou and oh my Rusty!!! How very exciting!!!!

  2. thanks Ro...it really was. not what i would ever have expected. and, i will be joining you at Shane Co. every 6 months now for checkups. we can ride together!!