01 September 2011

new month, new post...

figure now that today is
1 September 2011
i better get some words and photos
onto my blog.
or i am going to lose some of you.
and i don't want to do that.

here is why you haven't seen me:

i love this website.
and i am on it all the time.
but for one AWESOME reason...

i am getting a newly designed
craft room.
my room has developed over the years
from adding bits and pieces.
and even though it is wonderful
and i am so happy to have my own craft space...
it is going to be awesome to
make it all my own
from top to bottom.
and it will match!!

so, here are my ideas.
(that i am finding on Pinterest):

this is the overall space i like and the colors
and the shape.

i like white cabinets and wood top.
thinking an ikea cabinet, like this.

with the birch top and
this floor:

and a big RED cabinet in the space...

and just think of the organization
of what i can do with this space...

and i just love the look of these shelves
close up...

so, i will keep you posted...

1 comment:

  1. Great ideas, I can totally see that first pic in "your space"...had a drink with my office and they all were very impressed with our "adustment" today....love you.