18 August 2011

swaps, from convention #4

i must start this post
with a HUGE red flag

i took photos of all the swaps
that members of my group received,
and NEVER wrote down a single
name from the back
to give anyone credit.

so, i apologize if this is your swap you
worked VERY VERY hard on
and i'm not mentioning you.
please comment as to which one is you
and i'll gladly add your name back in.

here is another bunch of swaps
and they all had something about them
that i liked.
may have been the colors, the layout,
a technique or i just liked it overall:

seen this card before,

never with a tattoo and a thong... too funny!

so congratulations if you made the final cut
from the this round of swaps i saw.

and please...please...
leave me a comment if one of these is yours
and i will note it next to your card.

more swaps to come...

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