22 August 2011

Ode to the Kauber...

i know that title will not make any sense
to any of you,
unless you live in Grand County
and know my precious upline,
miss susan kauber.

she is Ms. Stampin'Up! herself
and she sure makes stamping fun.

i am dedicating this blog post to her
for SEVERAL different reasons:

1. she is fabulous and is a great friend.

2. she makes darling things.

3. she always is quick to say, "i cased that."
or "that was not my idea."
and i am always telling her that she need not say that,
as we all CASE or are inspired by something
which is what gives us our ideas.

so with those thoughts planted i wanted to show you
several of her latest creations so
you can give her a SHOUT OUT
by leaving a comment here
telling her she is fabulous.

so, kauber ...
(as we loving her call her, with a New Jersey accent of course...)
we love you and think you are great
and you make darling things...
whether you case'd them or not.

and, even if you did case them...
they are still yours because they were
re-created with your sweet hands.

love you sus.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kauber, I love you too, those cards sure are cute, you are a talented, amazing lady....keep me in the loop on your workshops, always seem to have a confict but ya never know....