12 August 2011

great ADVENTURE...

have you been missing me?

i have been on a
adventure, traveling all over the
pacific northwest.
and it was fantastic.

i had never been any farther north on the west coast,
then San Francisco.
so this was a great adventure.
my dear friend Gregory and i
flew into Portland last friday,
and drove up to a beautiful farm
Wild Thyme Farm
outside of Olympia, Washington.
Oakville, to be exact.

look at this beautiful place...
and not all of these photos were taken by me.
some were posted on the bride's fb page
and they were so beautiful that i had to share.

and this was the tree they were married under...

and the reception before and after dark...

the coolest thing about this wedding,
besides the beautiful couple that it united
was that EVERYTHING was homemade.
the food, the wine, the champagne,
and ALL the decorations.
all it made me want to do was come home
and c.r.e.a.t.e...

even with all the natural flowers and gardens
they had beautiful lanterns everywhere...

and banners and homemade paper lanterns
in all shapes and sizes...

from bats...

to birds with hearts...

and the flowers were amazing.

and they were decorating the cakes too...

and the wine...

it was beautiful.
it was fun.
but most of all
it was full of
l o v e...
and that's what a wedding should be.

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