28 July 2011

convention posts #6

this has to be the most convention pictures
i have ever posted...
i usually keep them all to myself
and don't do anything with them.
but i thought sharing them with YOU
would be much more fun...

so here are more

and yes, that is a lamp shade
decorated entirely with flowers.
and designed to look like
a yard sale.
so creative.

and to think...
i would have just thrown these old boots away

but instead them make for darling fresh
decorations for say, a mudroom...
and then the Stampin'Up! fabric
that is used to decorate a simple pillow

it makes me think my home decorating
is just so, so boring
where i just buy a pillow and set it in a chair.
love the idea where i can make my own
decorative pillows...
and many other home decorations

and there's that bird i
... l o v e ...

next i will post some swaps,
since i am done with my favorite photos.

thanks for stopping by.
i love sharing with you.

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