21 July 2011

convention photos #2

how do you like my NEW blog look?
i have been craving a 'white' blog for some time
because i think anything else
takes away from the art...

atleast that is what i think for now,
because as we know,
my thoughts change
and THAT is a beautiful thing.

so here are some convention pictures
that are taken of items they made
to be inspiration...
inspiration to creativity...

these were my FAVORITE!!
i have no idea what they are, other than giant masses of
r i b b o n.
and they are gorgeous.

and i have already ordered these parasols
to make these to hang somewhere in my new house.
i wanted to hang them from the ceiling in my
daughter's room, so i ordered the colors she would like,
but she's a little hesitant.
at 11 i can understand the desire to make all of your room your own.

aren't they cool??

these next few items were garden scenes
that were paper and fabric.
again, super cute
and SO inspiring!!

and look at the inside of these flowers...
the centers are so, so cool

and i have decided i am going to start making
p a p e r flowers
to decorate my house then
buying real ones that die over and over
(not to mention the water goes bad so quickly
and my cats like to eat them!)

hope you have enjoyed these photos from convention.
check back everyday for many more!!

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