20 July 2011

convention photos #1

i had such a good time
at the Stampin'Up! Convention
this year, 
as i always do.
see for yourself...

this year though seemed different.
and i don't know why but 
there seemed to be a more
creative vibe in the air...
or was it in me?

to start with, here are my roomies
standing next to the awesome flowers
that decorated the entire venue.

they were everywhere
and so colorful.
and completely went with the theme of 
G R O W.

then we received our 'bag'.
every year you get a new bag from Stampin'Up! 
as part of your registration for convention.

this year's bag was like the 
Demonstrator Bag
that they sell to the demos
but was decorated beautifully
and had lovely green floral lining...

inside the bag was the best gift of all...
a Catalog divider 
with a complete catalog inside that was 
three-hole punched to add to the binder.

for an organization buff like me,
this was a slice of heaven!

more to come tomorrow.

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