20 May 2011

where has time gone?

i'm telling ya...
all this walking with the doggies
and i am pooped
at night.
and in the morning
and all day
except for the first hour after we get home
from our walk.

and i started doing private pilates.
wow.  love it.

still haven't lost a pound. 
or a half a pound.
but i am concluding that God
wants me to LOVE exercise and the 
emotional results i get
before he will give me any
physical results.

want some crafting??
here is the Mother's Day card
we made in club last month:

saw the idea several places.
so i case'd it.
changed it a bit
but still cased it.

made the girls in my club
cut grass by hand.
they didn't like that.
one bit.
but they did it.
and it looked good.

the background was easy and 
all the flowers were punches.
with a lil pop up!

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  1. Love mine!! It is beautiful!! love...mimi