09 May 2011


and a lot has happened since i posted on 24 April.
i have had health issues.
i have had lots of craft time.
i have walked a lot of miles with my dogs.
i have watched the snow melt slowly away
from the sides of the road
(and no, it is still not gone.)
i have watched plants and flowers
begin to peek through the dirt
even if the snow is still close by.

i have watched three baby fox 
emerge from the den that they
inhabit year after year.

(if you look closely, you can see them just to the right of the 
front door.  little dark spots at the bottom of the post.)

(and here you can see their mama 
watching them as she sits at the edge of the rocks.)

and i have smiled.
and taken deep breaths.
and wrestled with God
over where He is leading me.

and i have learned that most of what i do
is a habit.
going to church.
posting to my blog.
making dinner.
stamp club.

these are all habits.
and if you stop doing them for any moment
they will end.

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