06 April 2011

not feeling it...

no crafting happening in this world.
i am NOT feeling it.
don't know why.
just not feeling crafty.

maybe it is because it is spring break and
i am hanging out with my kids.
or it is because i have been sick now for 10 days.

or it could be...
i have recently been told that i am in
m e n o p a u s e.
yes, menopause.
seems like just a normal, female
issue that every woman
goes through...

but i am 38.

which is not menopausal age.
or even peri-menopausal age, really.
but my estrogen levels
showed i was beyond peri
and into the real deal.

and i did have a hysterectomy
last october
due to a big fibroid and lots of other
but my doctor is thinking all of the 
stuff that caused me to have the
hysterectomy could be 
related to my estrogen level.
again, weird.

looking forward to 
taking some estrogen.
and getting happy again.

i can deal with this all again in 15 years.

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