11 April 2011

juices, brain waves and rumbling

it's starting,
i can feel it...

the creative juices.
the artsy brain waves.
they are 
a 'rumbling...

i watched
Chic n Scratch's 
of her craft room last night
and wowzee,
did that make me want to
1. clean out
2. get organized
3. craft in the new cleaned space!

check them out
not only will they impress you, 
but they will make you see
(for those of you that have)
that my craft room is still part guest room...
angie's is the bomb.

the difference in mine and angie's
craft rooms, mostly,
is that she is in hers.
she is using it.
she has not only a very successful business
but she is making things,
and then sharing them.

gotta get out of this rut...
keep those
juices flowing...

thanks angie!!

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