12 April 2011

happier? ummm, not sure.

i am sitting on my big comfy couch, 
drinking a nice warm cup of coffee,
reading blogs,
posting church updates on facebook,
and listening to my two precious pups
snore as they sleep on my feet...

does it get any better than that?

i am not sure.  
some kids home?
rusty home?
a warm fire...
even though it is fairly nice outside?
but i don't think so.

i am focused on GRATITUDE
right now and trying to appreciate
ALL that i have.
so even though i am not down in my craft room,
reorganizing and creating,
as i would like to be doing...
(except i have this weird rule in my
little ole head that says i can't go down there
'until everything else is done...')

i am perfectly content sitting here,
with my laptop on my lap,
in my jammies still (wink, smile),
right now,
reading blogs,
listening to dog's snore.

can you tell what is going on in this picture?
puppy, stanley, is sprawled out with his head
under the blanket,
on top of my feet.
blind guy, zoly, is next to him, with his
sweet head on the pillow.
that is the corner of my laptop,
with an afghan laying on my lap.


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