24 April 2011

easter tree

my 11 year old daughter
is suddenly noticing 
how i do not
decorate for any holiday
other than christmas.

she is rather dismayed by this.

i am not living up to her 
standards as a mother.
especially one 
who has the craft room
that i do.


i pulled the cards off my card tree and
decorated it with
ribbon, easter eggs on ribbons,
candy and a little sign.

i also attached 
Kit Kats
to win her heart...

of course,
Easter is not about the eggs,
the tree, the candy or the bunny ears at the top.

but about Jesus,
the guy of all guys.
the guy who was God,
yet came as a baby, 
to live as we live
and to understand us.
yet to show us that
through his sacrifice,
we are forgiven.

love him.

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