20 April 2011

easter CASE

man, at the rate i'm going
on creativity
i'm gonna be able to rename this blog
lou's cases.

it also shows you 
have to be creative or artsy 
to be a stampin up! demonstrator
because you can
Copy And Share Everything.
(or whatever you want that to mean)

so, here's my Easter case.
this one i am going to show you in reverse.
(because i think mine turned out cuter...
sorry angie)
this is angie's
easter card:

and here is mine,
slightly jazzed up:

first, i made mine several layers.
second, i embossed the background
and roughed up the DSP's edges
and third,
i used a bit of ribbon.
it is very, very similar.

because i liked it.
and i like her style.

but, as i said,
my creative juices in the brain
are rumbling...
so i'll have more soon.

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