29 March 2011

is it s t u p i d?

you know, i have this really
s  t  u  p  i  d
that i should
limit my blogs to merely 
talking about crafting
with an occasional 
personal post wedged in there.

where i got this
d  u  m  b
idea from i have no idea.
because this is MY blog.
i can blog about crafts, dogs,
jesus, kids, friends, dieting,
saving money, or 
whatever i dang well please.


so, that's what i am going to do.
because i have the examples of
who inspire me everyday.
and rarely by what they make,
but more by who they are,
and that they share their lives
with me.
their fears,
their joys,
their day to day lives.

thanks girls,
love blogging with you.

1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness, thank YOU. you are beautiful and so is your blog! xoxo