10 March 2011

doggie love...

i am so in love with my new doggies.
they make me smile and laugh
(and occasionally angry... puppy!!)
this is morning nap time...
for all of us.
afternoon nap time, on the weekend.
doggy pile, in the car.
can you tell where one dog starts and another ends?
zOly tending to his 'snowball' problem
after digging to china in the snow piles.
he loves it and just wags and barks the whole time.
do you think he is comfortable in our house?
or here?
his new favorite spot is in
the sunroom, on the couch.
and lastly,
i was reading with Annie
and we had lots of doggie love
all over us.
and we loved it.
they are doing so well.
and we are so happy.

and i keep reminding rusty
that he continually told me over and over
before we went to the rescue,
"We are not getting a blind 9 year old dog!"
and he is the absolute BEST.

yeah for us, yeah for them.

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