02 February 2011

h a d l e y r a e m c h u g h

we have some precious friends, who live in Colorado Springs.

Leith and Aaron.  

they have three children: holden, hadley and averi.

their middle child, hadley was born

on nov 23, 1998.

her mother knew pretty quick

that something was not right.

by the time hadley was 4 months of age

the doctor concluded she was not developing properly

and sent her for an MRI.

what my precious friends were told,

was something parents should never hear.

their child's brain was abnormal.

and in hadley's case it was very abnormal.

a lot of it was missing.

hadley rae, or hads, or haddie,

as we all often call her,

has lived a long, long life

for a little girl with all her problems.

she has had major surgeries,

been very ill many times

and seemed like she was going to die on many occasions

in the past.

we have followed her life both live and in person
but mostly through a beautiful website called
we received this post

last friday, jan 28:

Heaven has another angel!!!!!

Posted Jan 28, 2011 6:55pm
Our most beautiful, courageous, brave, stunning, powerful daughter is dancing wildly with our King!!
We are rejoicing through many tears.
Words are not enough to describe all that encompasses this Holy occasion.
Couldn't have done any of it without you, our village.
more later.
with joy & peace & tears...
the mchugh family

i was shocked.
and although haddie's life
has not been easy
or pretty at times,
and although she never really
acknowledged us through words,
i felt an enormous amount of pain.
pain for my precious friends, her parents.
pain for her siblings, holden and averi.
pain for all her family.
pain for the many people who knew her
and loved her.

she had enriched all of our lives.
she had taught us so much,
without ever uttering a single word.
she had loved us
who we were or what we had done.
she had made us smile.
and made us laugh.
and she was gone.

to sing and to dance and to laugh
at home in heaven.
we love you chicky.
we will miss you immensely.
but we are glad you are free,
even if it hurts us.

rest in peace,
precious angel.

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