04 January 2011

hello 2011...

can i just start this blog post by saying
welcome new year.
i really like the way 2011
has started.
i have realized every morning
within 5 minutes 
of waking
that i am feeling HAPPY.
and not a forced,
really have to think about it
and talk myself into it
but really genuinely happy.

i am following
the simple guideline
to Move More
Eat Less
and it appears to be working!!
i have lost 5 lbs
in 8 days.
and am not super worried
about following a set,
super structured plan.
i am doing Isagenix
which involves 2 shakes and a meal.
i have done if off and on for so long
that it is easy for me
to jump right back into.

so welcome 2011,
i've been waiting for you.

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