16 January 2011


leadership was SO fun and fast paced that i barely had time to
read emails
much less POST...
so i will cram it all into ONE post.

to start off with,
we stayed at the amazing
Gaylord Opryland Hotel.
which is 600,000 SF of shops, restaurants and more.
it was like vegas, baby.

the entire place was enclosed,
so it was climate controlled and comfortable,
while we still had sunlight beaming
through the glass ceiling.

being with these 3 was an absolute hoot...

Kris, Susan and Rochelle
and you can tell we laughed A LOT!!
and i mean A LOT!
my face muscles are sore today...
just kidding!

we were then immersed in the 
awesome world that is a 
Stampin'Up! convention.
we saw, we heard, we were taught and
we shared.
it was great.

we were inspired to do what we need to do for us
and only worry about adding +ONE
to our lifestyles.
it was a great message of
leadership in today's world.

 there were so many projects
of inspiration.
all i want to do now is craft.

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  1. looks like so much fun, enjoy your posts, thanks for sharing!! suz