12 January 2011

a '2' sandwich...

oh that just makes me giggle...
i don't know why.

it all started with the 0 sandwich two days ago.
my friend, @davebarnesmusic tweeted about it.
and i just loved it.

so i am running with it.
and if you think it is silly or juvenile,
then don't read my blog until 1.20.11
because that is when the 'sandwiches' end.

so my last entry to 
the My Digital Studio Contest on
did i mention i did NOT win?
wasn't sure i did, 
so i just wanted to make sure you knew.
but i'm not bitter, i swear!

this last scrapbook page was as much about
the photo
(and i know it's not supposed to be)
as it was about the page for me.

so, we live on the corner of 
Moose Trail and Elk Trail
in our neighborhood called Elk Run.
and ironically we don't see any Elk...

(even though my son and i could hear
them buggling from afar one evening this past summer).

but we do see Moose
and they are so cool.

so this photo practically created this scrapbook page...

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