31 December 2010

in 2011...

i was inspired today,
but a simple blog post from a talented and busy lady.

stephanie howell posted on her blog about her plans for 2011
 and i am going to follow in her same format
 because she motivated me to do so.  
thanks stephanie!

i want to:

run. slowly and steadily.  but i want to run again.
battling MS has taken this from my life.

because i have allowed it.

so my goal this year is to run in the
2011 Run for Independence.
it's a 5k on july 4th weekend.
and i am going to do it.
work with Cathy Zielske's Move More Eat Less
inspirational program.
study the bible more.
talk to God more.
do bible studies whether i do it
alone, with rusty, with girlfriends.
be connected
to the God who i used to seek regularly.

i will:

turn 39.
enjoy annie's last year of elementary school.
support gray through his year of being 13.
watch luna lou (my niece) regularly.
celebrate 16 years of marriage
to the cutest guy in the world:
get a new dog for our family.
continue making things for lousgoods
with Stampin'Up! products.

i am determined to:

get my medications balanced,
so i can live life to the fullest.
live life with gratitude.
by appreciating everyday what i have
and not what i don't.

i will do that by writing weekly personal notes
to each member of my family
telling them how much i love them
and what about them makes them unique.
stop trying to be someone else and
really celebrate the things i do
that are unique
and celebrate the things about me
that i do well.

realize that i was such a 
fun, energetic, happy person
who has simply lost herself
in the past year.
and that i deserve to not only
be happy again
but to be my real self again.

spend less money this year.
and by being grateful i will appreciate
all that i do have and be much
more conscious and aware of 
what i am purchasing and 
whether i truly need it.
and this year i will try to be kinder.
i want to be an example to my children
of what kindness and grace looks like.
i want to do all these things with
 humor and FUN!

knowing that my desires are all based 
on my faith
and fulfilling the challenge 
that God gave me in 2004
while in the hospital
to just 'be', 
makes it all seem attainable.
and realistic.
and exciting.

i want your help, blogger friends.
hold me accountable.
ask me how it's going.

and have a happy new year.


  1. oh lou...this is beautiful. happy happy new year to you!!!

  2. Wow! You have truly inspired me. I will be here to encourage you.


  3. Oh Lou, I pray you overcome every challenge you make for yourself. My brother suffers from ALS and my love has cancer so I will pray for you when I say my prayers for others! Happy New Year and best wishes in running again. I will be here to inspire you to keep trying and never give up. Keep the faith! Bev

  4. Wow, just catching up and LOVE your post and goals for 2011; of course, I will be here to support you...you can do all those things and more, I just know it. And yes, I do believe in you...you are an amazing human being, strive for all your goals and more, I will be right there beside you, you continue to inspire me!! love you, Suz