20 December 2010

careful, careful...

so one of my sister's loves letterpress cards
and sends them to us
every holiday and birthday.
so i was super excited when
Stampin'Up! came out with 
letterpress plates
(and i still am).

they make these beautiful cards for us
with all the Stampin'Up! art work
that we all know and love.

i had one little problem
though while i was making my first 
letterpress cards.

i assumed our cards would
have the depth and feel to a 
true letterpress card
like my sister always sends me.

so i kinda jammed my letterpress plate
through my Big Shot
after the first one and i didn't think
it was deep enough.

and it completely smashed
the words
down to the point it is unusable.
see the difference in depth between
the words and the stockings?

all i did was put in an additional shim
and now my plate is destroyed.
can get a new one now i guess...

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