30 November 2010

8 weeks post surgery...

and today i felt like a completely whole and real person again!
i did lots of stuff around the house, picked up Annie,
went grocery shopping FOR REAL
(not just the run in and grab dinner supplies shopping),
unloaded the car, put all the groceries away,
did the dishes while i cooked a dinner
of buffalo stroganoff...
helped annie with her homework
and walked for 18 minutes on the treadmill!

for some of you that is your first hour of the day, 
but remember...
besides having a hysterectomy 8 weeks ago,
i also have MS.

with MS any given day
can be a day where i can only do ONE of the
things i listed above, 
much less all of them.

there was a time where simply going to the grocery
store was SO overstimulating
that i had to call my husband when
i was on my way home
so he could unload and put away
the groceries,
while i rested.
(he was self employed then!)

so... a picture of my life.


  1. Sounds like you are back to normal!! Of course, I mean normal for you. Glad to hear it. Keep up the treadmill, that's great!!! love...mom

  2. I am having a hysterectamy on Dec. 15th...i'm going out to beaver creek to recuperate....let me know how it was for you..I'm getting a little nervous...

  3. beth, what is your email? i would love to chat and can simply say that it was really easy. but... with MS i already have to take it easy. have you ever had surgery? what kind of hysterectomy are you having? email me at lousgoods@Q.com and we can chat. love to talk.