27 October 2010

not a quick process...

this hysterectomy thing is just slowing me down...
not the snow, believe it or not, but the recovery of this surgery

i want to be crafting in my craft room
but if i bend, twist or squat i feel yucky
and then i get tired.

dang surgery.
oh well, each day is getting easier.
and each day is closer to recovery.

so i still have MDS to keep me entertained.
and here is one i made today,
in front of the fire
while it is still snowing
and feels like christmas.

quick, easy and one of the new Postcard sizes
or what i call (S*fly sizes, because they remind me of all their holiday cards you see in your mail during the holiday season).
would be really easy to add family photo on the other side...
start thinking about your holiday cards folks.
it's a'coming...


  1. hope you're feeling better soon! I'm following you from SC!

  2. sorry you are having such a tough, slow recovery. I miss your postings! I will be home soon and help with LL. love...mom