21 October 2010

best deal yet!!

so i feel like just posting Stampin'Up! deals is not very fun,
since most of you go to various blogs and see the same deals
again and again...

but this one is SUPER EXCITING,
because most of it is here to stay!!

As you know, i love MDS and my only concern with it
so far has been the cost.
one of the reasons we make our cards is to keep the cost down,
besides the simple joy of creativity.
so i was bummed that a cute card on MDS ran 
$2.50-3.00 to have printed.  

But now, that has all changed!!
they have lowered the price and said it will stay that way.

i will be making and sending LOTS of MDS cards now.
it's too easy and looks so good.

so check out this sale.
and call or email me if you have any questions.
i love my digital studio (mds).

here's a fun halloween MDS card for ya...

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