09 September 2010

you know when...

i just had a true spiritual experience in my craft room.

i have stuck with three things in my life more than a few years:
jesus, rusty (my precious husband), and paper crafting.

and tonight was a reminder why.

my craft room has been a mess for MONTHS... truly.
i haven't inventoried my stamps to their stamp book since before Christmas last year.
i have stacks and stacks of Stampin'Up! supplies that i have purchased and not put away.

and i have been avoiding it
because going in there stressed me out.
going in there made me sad.
going in there was entirely too overwhelming...
and seemed too ominous.

until tonight.

i walked in there to grab a magazine that i thought was in there
and suddenly it grabbed me.
it didn't seem overwhelming
it seemed exciting.
it didn't seem stressful
it seemed fun.

so tomorrow i can't wait to JUMP into all that mess
and claim it.
own it.
play with it.
and feel like a paper artist for the first time in MONTHS...
i love it.

and just to remind me, here is one of my favorites.


  1. Hi Lou! Just dropping in from Stampin Connection - I totally understand the whole "mess" thing...I am cleaning mine today too! Doesn't take long to make a mess, does it?!

    My blog is www.inkinglyyours.blogspot.com! Hugs!

  2. My craft room mess often overwhelms me. I always swear I'm going to clean up as I go but it never happens. Now following from Stampin' Connection.


  3. U go girl, fall is the time to nest!

  4. Beautiful card!!! I'm following you...

  5. Love this card!!! I'm following from SC!!!

  6. I LOVE this! Great idea! So pretty! Thank you for sharing! I am one of your followers from Stampin' Connection. (I'm the one that started the Follow Me thread) I have a small favor to ask, please. I had to switch over my website (it used to be BellevueStampingClub) and lost all of my followers from SC. Would you be so kind as to go to my new site listed below and RE-follow me, please? You may have to copy and paste the link. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

    Chanda Stehlik