02 September 2010

makes me sad...

it really does make me sad when i can't post.
i feel like i am missing out on sharing.
i feel like i am missing out on crafting.

i continue to read everyone else's blogs
even when i don't post.
i continue to have little things to say.
and i am trying to get past the idea that i need
"Mary Fish" quality photos to post myself.

which i can't do anyway, because i am not that good of a photographer.
and right now my photo box is a white photo pile,
because my kitties like to use it as a jungle gym
and took it out!

so here are the pictures i took yesterday
with my new iphone 4.0!
man, has apple changed the world of technology.
i tell ya, it doesn't get any better than this...
this amazing photo of my amazing home
was taken with my iphone.

and just to give anyone who needs it some motivation:

i took a picture of myself walking.
because having MS it is never a guarantee that i can do this.
and today i can.
so i walk because i can.

1 comment:

  1. Good to see you out walking. Miss seeing you. Luna misses you too!! When you are better, you can come out to ranch and take her walking!! love...mom