16 September 2010

do you believe it?

so do you believe it is possible that
Edward Cullen himself
came to visit me?
do you believe he bit me?

well, don't be too worried.
it is not an Edward bite...
or a Bill or Eric bite, for those Sookie fans out there.
it is a scratch from my kitty.

and i guess he only caught me with two of his back toes.
funny, funny, funny thing is that when i saw it,
i gasped.
as if...
knowing full well it was NOT a vampire bite
but BOY did it look like one.

and i guess i wouldn't want it to be Edward's bite
or i would now be a vampire.
atleast in Sookie's world you can get bitten
and not turn into one.
thank heavens for Sookie!

along those same lines...
here is my new Twilight corner in my Craft Room
that is being cleaned out as you read this.


  1. To funny. It certainly does look like a vampire bite!

  2. Wow you could have fooled me! Looks like a vampire bite for sure. Check out that kitty's teeth! Thanks for the laugh and share!