21 August 2010

been playing again

been playing around with MDS again,
since my craft room is too cluttery to use...
(will get to that after school starts on Wed)

so i created this cutie from MDS.

it is my way of creating some cute cards
without having to pull out any paper or cut up any scraps.
and then i have ideas.

the only problem i have with the 
difference between real paper cards and MDS cards
is the difference in sizing.
i love that in MDS i can change the size
of some of the 'thank you' words.


  1. Cute MDS card Lou...I miss you! When are you free so we can hang out?

  2. I love MDS for that very reason - I can try ideas without wasting cardstock and embellishments! Just became a follower through SC. Hope you'll follow me, too! http://www.heartsdelightcards.blogspot.com/

  3. Hi I'm now following your blog from SC. Hope you'll stop by and check out my blog at:

    Great card. I'll pop by again and check out the rest of your blog once I've caught up on my follower's list.