14 August 2010


actually, in most ways it seems like forever since my kid's got out of school (june 9)
but it also seems like a super short summer
even though i am sick of being hot.
even with the temps dropping a little
(that was for you, Mom)
it is still too warm for me.
it was 81 in the direct sun out my kitchen window
at 9:30am this morning.
too hot.
71 still makes me nervous because that could mean it reaches 80 by 2 or 3pm
but i can't complain because it will be cold and snowing before i know it.

so here is my first Back to School card i made this year:

need to make 2 now, so that i have one for each of my kids
for the first day.

counting down...
till the 25th.

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  1. Super cute projects on your blog and your blog layout is divine. Now following you from SC.