01 June 2010

sunshine, artisan project #2

this was another card i submitted for the Artisan Award Contest.
it is my take on what we look like at Convention or Leadership
each day as we exit the Momento Mall.
(Momento Mall is the Shopping Center for the Demonstrators and 
we go crazy in there...)

i had to make this card after coming home from Leadership
with my friend Rochelle (istampicreateihavefun.blogspot.com)
and giggling at how much WE bought.
plus this stamp set lady looks like her!

you can't tell but three of the bags are 'bumped up' with dimensionals to make them stand out, and i used MDS to add a new extension to the sentiment that came with the stamp set.
it says, "the best things in life are made not bought"
and i added a comma to the end and then printed out "so why am i always broke?"
i tried to match the font on MDS to the script on the stamp exactly.

her shirt is paper pieced, as is the flower in the her hair,
and the bags and stamps she is trying to carry,
and there are several dots of Crystal Effects on there that you cannot see
because i didn't think i'd ever be able to SHARE these!
yay for being a LOSER!!

tomorrow another card entry...

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