20 June 2010

it's my birthday and i'll...

cry if i want to.
laugh if i want to.
sing if i want to.
dance if i want to.
smile if i want to.
be angry if i want to.

we'll see 
what i decide to do because today 
is my birthday.

and guess who else shares the same birthday with me...
yes, Edward Cullen.

not Rob Pattinson, the actor,
but Edward Cullen the character.
his birthday is June 20, 1901.
so he is turning 109,
while i am a mere 38 years old.
and look how good he looks.

so, happy birthday to Edward and myself.


  1. It is soo appropriate that you and Edward have the same bd. That must be why you have been obsessed with him. I just had a great idea...you should make Twilight themed cards!!! have a great Birthday and will celebrate later love..mimi

  2. Hi Lou! Stopping by to see what you've been up to and to wish you a Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day! Take care!