16 June 2010

hanging on for... Artisan Award Entry #10

i am so sorry.  i did not mean to leave you hanging.
i have had a lot going on, 
including my mother-in-law being diagnosed with Breast Cancer and having a mastectomy yesterday (prayers appreciated for her and my father-in-law).
i will now show you my final and best (in my opinion) project.
it took the most time, as you will see...

it's a reusable Birthday Calendar.
we sell them at Stampin' Up! and if you are interested in purchasing one,
let me know or click on my name below and you can order yourself off of my Stampin'Up! website.

i ran ribbon up the inside of the cover, then mounted on two pieces of 
chipboard cover, called Long Board in the Stampin'Up! catalog.
one piece was for the front cover and one for the back
to make this Calendar sturdier for repeated use.

i also made a tab for each month, with ribbon,
to make it easier to flip to the next month.

tomorrow and the next day
i will show you the insides of this lovely item.


1 comment:

  1. That was such an amazing item. I can't believe that you spent all the time, energy, and supplies on it and you don't get it back. What does Stamping up do with all the entries? Heaven forbid, they don't throw them away!!!