11 June 2010

Artisan Award Entry #8... Non Winner!

this is the LAST of the three scrapbook pages i submitted.
this one is 8.5 x 11.
i focused on making a 'white' scrapbook page,
as i know a white page is very intimidating to most scrapbookers.

and again, i had to showcase the creative side of my two kids.
this was 'Dress Like Your Parents Day' at school.
my son dressed like his dad
and my daughter completely MOCKED me!

she had a bluetooth in her ear, a cell phone in one hand and coffee in the other.  then she was wearing pajama pants, her robe and slippers!
can you guess what i wear most days?

i again printed this page out with MDS for all the wording
and then 'popped up' the pictures and the title with dimensionals.

my uber-creative daughter came up with the idea to use the 
Snowflake Punch
for the check marks, so that the size and shape was uniform.

fun to make.

oh, and did i mention yesterday was the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!
so great to be officially summer.
my posts may slow down a bit over the summer
but we'll see.
keep visiting...
and if you love me,

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  1. OHmygosh...this is so cute...and yes, Annie nailed it! I am so proud of you for entering your work...it's not easy to be judged, and not win, but you rock in my book...and I think I am qualified to say so! ha! :)
    love ya
    ps--should we give you stampin up gift cards for your bday?!?!