19 May 2010


one of the coolest things about where i live,
and NO, we don't have a Target...
so understand i am really rural...

is the wildlife.
we see many different animals
that are uncommon in the suburbs of most cities,
which is where i grew up.

we see LOTS of fox.
and in the spring we will see their babies
in a den they frequent every year by our house.
we see LOTS of deer.
but that is actually one thing i did see a lot of 
growing up in kansas.
we see some elk
but the coolest animal we see quite regularly are
and they are so cool.
big and fast.
don't piss them off.

this mama and baby have been hanging around our area for weeks now
here is the baby.

and here's mama with our street sign in the background.
yes, we live on Moose Trail.

pretty cool, huh?

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