09 May 2010

happy day of Mommies.

what a great day.
being a mom is the greatest
...and hardest...
job ever.

and i want to quickly take some credit for the child
i carried in my womb.
i share annie's art and talent on here quite often, but 
now she has blog hopped over to
my dear friend Rochelle's blog
and is seen on this post:
and again on this one:

she is becoming quite the little famous blogger!
what a hoot.
and all at 10 years old.  

so, off to enjoy the best Mother's day gift of all,
sweet little lulu.
although i am not her mother
there is nothing greater than seeing your sister
fall in love with her own little person everyday.


1 comment:

  1. I sure do enjoy stamping with your daughter Lou! She is such a creative girl!