06 May 2010

feels like the first time...

feels like the very first time...

sorry, a little 80's rock popped in my head
when i was thinking about how quickly time goes with a new baby around.
my sister isn't even home from the hospital,
and we live 8 miles apart,
and i am already altering my day to be ready for
life with lulu.

can't wait to see her whenever i want.

so, remember a month ago when i told you 
i had some orders to make 
Teacher Appreciation gifts?  
or maybe that was only a week ago...

here is another one i made
a journal
for the coolest, funkiest teacher in our school.
she's so cool that she's gonna be the
ART teacher 
next year... coolest job ever.  well, almost!

made this crazy and colorful
like she is.
i hope she likes it.

and here is the back,

going to see a baby named lulu.

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