06 April 2010

wanna be a follower?

i know we are taught to never follow and always 
make our own path...

but in the land of lousgoods
i just set it up to now have 

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and hopefully this will make you wanna follow...
was asked by a friend to make a growth chart for her daughter.
was given only the specifications that it
1. be portable for when they move.
2. look like this little dress:

it was a FUN PROJECT because i liked this pattern so much.
so here is what i came up with:

and i painted it onto two canvases, size 18x24,
then marked the heights.

here it is on Isabella's wall:



  1. Love the pattern! Makes me want a little girl! People often ask us where we got our lovely little chart...:)

  2. This is SO CUTE! You did a great job with the pattern.

  3. Wow! Great job on the growth chart =)

  4. This is too cute, Lou! I love how you used canvases! Great idea!