12 April 2010

i love...

so what did Stampin' Up! go and do, 
but change up all of our colors...
and i am THRILLED!

here are the new collections:
(starting July 1)
and aren't they the most beautious thing you have ever seen?
i cannot tell you how excited i am.

now, for some of you this is bad news
(not me, they kept ALL my favorites!)
because some of your favorite colors are not showing up on the above chart.
this means they are going away... 
boo hoo.
and you will need to stock up on your favs before July 1.
here is the retiring color list:

so, study them closely so you know what you will need.
i actually printed my chart, laminated it and layed in the bathtub starring at it.
color is a beautiful thing
and i think Stampin' Up! nailed this one!!


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  1. I am excited too!!! (I like your new blog header!!)