05 April 2010

happy late Easter...

i have to say i am a touch sad.
(please understand my strong hint of sarcasm in these words...)
Was i not missed?

i haven't blogged in 2, yes 2 WEEKS and haven't heard a peep from anybody.
tells me two things:
1. my blog needs to get better so folks do miss me.
2. i seek way too much instant gratification and recognition.

either way, i am back and thanks for holding down the fort while i 
COMPLETED my church project.
i was fortunate enough to serve on a committee to select an Interim Pastor for our church and i must say, as much work as it was, i really, really enjoyed it.

it was a beautiful, spiritual journey,
kind of like this:


1 comment:

  1. I did so miss your blog. I would check almost daily but I knew you were busy. You will be happy to know that I had a real disappointment when I would open the blog to find no new additions. Keep up the good work. Love...Mom