20 April 2010

gotta love it...

i have so much fun with MDS...
My Digital Studio

i hope folks out there realize it can be used for SO many different things.

1. make cards to be sent to printing service
2. make scrapbook pages to be sent to printing service
3. make cards to print yourself
4. make scrapbook pages to print yourself
5. come up with layout ideas
6. scrapbook page ideas to CASE for a club or workshop
7. card ideas to CASE for a club or workshop...

and so on...
it also has all kinds of multimedia options to make videos and more.

but just the basics can be fun and easy
and all for $80!
an UNBELIEVABLE price for a digital program that offers as much as MDS does!

so, play with yours more 
or ORDER one from me today.


1 comment:

  1. This is so fun and happy! I haven't purchased MDS yet, but now you've got me thinking about it now! Love it!