22 April 2010

dang rush job

so i made this beautiful card yesterday
to honor some lovely people
through our church
then took a rushed photo and didn't check the quality of it.
so now i have a not very good picture, once again.

let's all say it together: "read your camera manual Lou!"

ok, thanks, i sure will.

here's the card:

the reason i say it is rushed is that i had to play with it a bit to see any color and the beauty of the card is the mix of Old Olive, Very Vanilla, Chocolate Chip and Kraft.
and yet, in the photo it all looked like Close to Cocoa (retiring color)
until i altered the photograph.
now it just looks ok. 

but i can tell you, it really was beautiful.
and here is the inside:

just a little accent from the Vintage Vogue set and a Non SUp! stamp that just says 'believe'.


1 comment:

  1. I don't think it looks so bad Lou. Love the butterflies flying from the cross!