16 March 2010

who wants Blog Candy?

so i am having a Blog Candy dilemma...
i want to post more candy, but have had several Apple friends tell me they are unable to post a comment on my blogspot.  i find it interesting because i can post on blogspot blog's from my apple, but that could be because i have an account with blogspot.
you shouldn't have to have an account with blogspot to be able to post...
so help me figure it out... please!

so here is the first set of blog candy:
it is 
a beautiful Retired Set from last year's SaleABration called
Polka Dot Punches.
(it coordinates with the Scalloped Circle Punch, the Large Heart Punch, the 5 point Flower Punch and the 1-3/8" Circle Punch)
The Calendar Alphabets and Numbers Stamp Set
5/8" Neutrals Assortment Brads

All you have to do is:
tell me how to fix my blogspot so ALL users can post comments
come up with another AWESOME way to give away Blog Candy without using the 'comments' as a way to choose a winner.

I will review your answers and post the winner on Friday, March 19!
thanks for helping...
and their will be a BIG blog Candy post next week once everyone is eligible.



  1. Hey =) Maybe one of these will help. http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=6dafa6fa3eb072e3&hl=en . It looks like the popular answer is that you have to have the comment box pop-up instead of having it embeded. Good luck!!

    For the second question, how about having bloggers list your blog candy and then google your blog and see which blog comes up. The only flaw to that would be if google doesn't list your blog.

    This is definately an interesting way to do a giveaway!!! I'm in Canada, so i'm not sure if I can enter. No worries if I can't though!!! I hope everything works out =)

  2. Why don't you have the blogger just email you at your Lousgoods address with their interest in entering the contest? This would make it simple...see you soon for flowers. Sue

    Also, I just post under the Anonymous profile and it works.

  3. I'm a mac user and I did not have any problem leaving a comment. Sorry I'm not much help.
    I guess people could email you. Maybe you could set up a free email account with hotmail and ONLY use it with your blog. That way it would keep all entries in one place.