26 January 2010

on the same walk with God

since i am still in the midst of my LARGE church endeavor,
i thought i would post some valentine's that others made for our Demo Meeting last week.

here is the card i made.  it is a touch blurry, but you get the drift.
i used the mini glassine envelopes. then popped the cutout heart up on a dimensional before adhering it inside.

here is Cindy Moynahan's card.
she is always so clean and creative with her cards.
wanna guess what that heart is made out of?

here is Sue Seemann's.
the photo doesn't do the card justice, because there was a nice piece of white from the background that you could see when the card was closed and it really finished it off.
another cute Valentine.

Megan Ledin had a classy card with a cute touch of certainly celery added to it.
we all felt it would make a nice Wedding Card as well.

open first then folded up to 'hide' the heart shape
idea taken from a display at Regionals.
super cute!

this was Susan Kauber's quick and easy card.
again, so easy to make and case and yet, has a real 'WOW' to it.

and lastly, but NOT leastly, Chris Lorton's beauty.
love the mostly white card.  i have such a hard time leaving a card white,
yet love the crispness!

so, enjoy and hopefully you are working on your valentine's.
if you need anything, just click on my name below.

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