21 January 2010

lost on a spiritual journey...

so you wonder where i've been.
well, i was at leadership, as you know, then jumped both feet first into an awesome adventure at our church.  it has been awesome to be a part of...
and it is not over yet.  about half way through.
so hang on folks because it may inspire me to sing gospel from my rooftop
j/k... i can't sing a lick! ha.

but let this photo, taken this morning by a friend show you how my soul is feeling these days:

don't i live in the most majestic place?

another majestic event, for us 'blog stalkers' and 'stampin' famous' junkies...
this picture of rochelle and i was taken at the Compass Restaurant, at the top of the Hyatt in Phoenix, on our last night after our Stampin' Up Weekend.

it is not a good picture, as i had to alter the heck out of it just for us to show up, but
it has to be shown because as we were doing the
'hold your phone up and take a picture of yourself'
up walked Shelli and Sterling Gardner (the mama and papa of Stampin' Up!)
and Sterling snatched the phone to take this shot.
the phone wasn't the problem, the fact there was NO light in the foyer of the restaurant was the problem.
iphone's have pretty good cameras.

so enjoy my touch of Stampin' Famous for today!
and just hold tight... i have LOTS planned for the next few days.

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