07 January 2010

Day 2 of Leadership

wow... lots to process.
it is always so fun and exciting to be in 'Stampin'Up! World' but i am totally EXHAUSTED!
so much information.
so many folks to see.
constant stimulation.
and what a great treat at the same time.

after all that you would think i would be in my quiet hotel room reading blogs and processing the day BUT...
instead i am in a full bar, with the BCS National Championship Game on the big screen because this is the only place i can get free WiFi.
where is an AirPort card when you need it?

anyway, some more pictures from here.
The Make and Takes we made yesterday are so cute.
all 5 are in this one photo, so you may have to enlarge it (by clicking on the picture) to get a closer look.

also, i didn't show you the bag we received as a gift.
we always are given a fantastic bag from Stampin'Up!
and all i can say about this bag is that it has Sue written all over it (my buddy who LOVES hearts):

it is a nice, large black and white carpet bag with feet on the bottom and padded straps.
it has all kinds of slots and pockets inside and has a big fat black ribbon to tie it closed.
cute, but the pink and black is not for me.
it's ok though, i'll use it.
(or give it to Sue, if she is lucky...)

also, here is a watch that they have for sale for demonstrators too,
that you can exchange out the ribbon to coordinate with your outfit or your stampin project,
whatever matters to you most, of course.

so that is all for now.
having a great time...
can't wait to get home and execute all that i have learned.
watch out world... here comes Stampin' Lou!!

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